Saturday, February 7, 2015

New Year Already

Can you believe it is February of 2015....what happened to 2014?

A brief catch up with me, I have relocated to the Seattle for a few years.
The kids have graduated college and I guess you can say I graduated to another state.
Living away from Hubby, kids, dogs and the sun is very different.
Buying a home to live in by myself is ALOT different, exciting, different, adventurous, different....

I have now been here for 7 months with over two months time I have been able to be in Cali with family and friends.  In August for my sweet mother-in-laws funeral, then again in November for my best friend's.  Saddened occasions occurred last year, events that I am still learning how to cope with.

I have been shown how precious life and love is and that no one can ever take it for granted.

I am attempting to accomplish many things this year...
1) Learn the things I have taken for granted that hubby will always and house painting
2) Learn to draw faces...something my mother can do with her eyes closed
3) Meet new people...something that being in a family unit always came easy
4) Reach out and VOLUNTEER my time and talents...possibly a way to accomplish #3
5) Become a better listener

So follow me as I document my accomplishments this year and venture out into the brave new world without my best friend by my side but rather watching and directing my every move from Heaven.

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